• Looking to meet new people?

  • Looking for things to do on weekends?

  • Interested in learning about your leadership style?

How Do I Start?

Use FalconSync to track your Falcon 5 progress!

Pick an experience from the Falcon 5 categories.

Participate in the experience.

Show that you participated.

Swipe into the experience or add an involvement entry on FalconSync.

Complete the checklist for each level.

Earn your Falcon 5 Leadership certificate!


Search for a social experience below, highlighted by the color PURPLE.  Click on it to learn more!


September 2014

  • Career - Level 1 - Falcon 5
  • Community - Level 1 - Falcon 5
  • Community - Level 2 - Falcon 5
  • Education - Level 1 - Falcon 5
  • Falcon 5 General
  • Social - Level 1 - Falcon 5
  • Wellness - Level 1 - Falcon 5

Student Thoughts

"I started in hall council my freshman year and it got me out of my comfort zone. I have since then become much more outgoing.  With this I have made many connections and friends on campus."



"You will never regret becoming involved. It will be one the best decisions that you will ever make, so step out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid to fail.  You will have so many people that will be willing to catch you and help you along the way.  Student involvement will help you not only grow as a person but also make everlasting friendships!"




Submit an Event

Submit an event on your organization's FalconSync portal to include it on the Falcon 5 calendar.

Want to submit an event to the calendar, but don't have a FalconSync Portal?

Click here to submit an event to the Falcon 5 calendar.




Complete the list below to progress to Level 2.

  1. Pick three level-1 experiences from each Falcon 5 category
  2. Submit your resume on Hire-A-Falcon
  3. Interview a student leader
  4. Attend a Falcon 5 cohort meeting
  5. Complete the Level 1 Reflection Form



Complete the list below to progress to Level 3.

  1. Pick one level-2 experience from three different Falcon 5 categories
  2. Complete StrengthsQuest (if you haven't already)
  3. Attend a diversity event
  4. Interview a campus staff/faculty leader
  5. Attend a Falcon 5 cohort meeting
  6. Complete the Level 2 Reflection Form



Complete the list below to earn your Falcon 5 Leadership Certificate.

  1. Pick one level-3 experience from any Falcon 5 category
  2. Complete a mock interview hosted by Career Services
  3. Record a testimonial of your Falcon 5 experience
  4. Attend a Falcon 5 cohort meeting
  5. Complete the Level 3 Reflection Form