What is the Residence Hall Association (RHA)?

RHA serves  as the representative body for the on-campus student population of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls; review, formulate, and make recommendations of the housing policies, room rate structure and contract development for the Department of Residence Life; provides the residence hall community educational, cultural, and social programming; provides  the residence hall community with educational, cultural, and social programming; serves as an approval body for hall purchases and hall program funding; promotes campus activities and serves as an information source for the students and staff living in the residence halls; provides leadership development for hall residents to gain experience through membership and participation in state, regional and national residence life leadership opportunities; serves as an appeal board when students seek contract exemptions.

Mission Statement

To Create leadership growth and development, teach, supply, and maintain integrity, to be an advocate for the on campus student population and provide meaningful and entertaining programs. 

RHA Constitution

View the UWRF RHA Constitution.

Submit a Funding Request

Visit here to submit a funding request for your hall program. All funding requests must be approved by your advisor and then presented to your Hall Council or RHA.