Tryout Information (Fall 2015)

Incoming Freshman: Check us out at the Involvement Fair for more Information!

Involvement Fair

September 1, 2015 from 11-2pm outside the University Center

Informational Meeting

September 3, 2015 from 6-9pm in AgSci 200

Western Tryouts-Riding Portion

September 8, 2015 from 5-9 pm at Lab Farm

Western Tryouts- Interview Portion

September 10, 2015 starting at 5:30pm-Pete's Creek in the University Center

Hunter Seat Tryouts-Riding Portion


Campus Lab Farm 1 at 6pm


Tryouts consist of an informational meeting to determine which division you fall into as well as the actual riding tryouts. It is important that all those trying out for the team understand that being on the team is a time and financial obligations. Practice takes up to 3-4 hours weekly and all members are required to help at the three annual horse shows that take place at UWRF. Members must also maintain good standing in Horseman's Association and attend 3 meetings a semester in order to receive funding for horse shows. Being part of the team can also cost $100-$300 a year which can be a strain on many students budgets. Please consider your time and financial constraints before trying out to be considerate towards those who want to be on the team and can accommodate the requirements.

 Western Team General Tryout Information

We ask that for the western tryouts that you wear jeans (preferably dark or black, long and well fitted jeans), heeled boots and a nice button up cotton shirt to show your upper body posture well. We are asking for no 'show attire' for tryouts to even out the playing field and create the best scenario for everyone trying out! There will be an interview done on the Wednesday after tryouts. The horses and tack are provided and you will randomly receive a horse to ride during your tryout.

Hunter Seat Equitation Team General Tryout Information

Although full show attire is not necessary, it is recommended that you wear breeches and boots as well as a shirt that shows your posture. The school provides all horses and tack just as at all practices. All those trying out must wear a helmet and shoes with a small heel. School helmets are available for use.


Questions about tryouts? Please e-mail , Thank you!