The Horses

The Horses at UWRF are really the ones that teach us the most. We learn to love every one of them in their own way and are so thankful we have as nice of horses as we do! Without them, we couldn't have this wonderful program!
Though we use most all of our horses in both the western shows and the hunt shows, a lot of the horses have a 'specialty' event that they came to the school equipped with (i.e. reining or jumping)

         "Nujac" (Both Reiner & Jumper)            

"Kelly" (Jumper)                                "Kola" (Jumper)

"Marco" (Reiner)

"Leonard" (Jumper)                                     "Nikki" (Reiner)

"Rajah" (Jumper)

"Slider" (Reiner)                                           "Toby" (Reiner)

"Whiz" (Reiner)                                 "Wilky" (Jumper)

"Magnum" aka "Oops" (Both Reiner & Jumper)

"Buddy" (Hunt horse)                                      "Cody" (Reiner)

"Willy" (Hunt Horse)

"Bullet" (Horsemanship horse)                "Laverne" (Jumper)

              "Ladd" (Hunt horse)                            "Hammer" (Reiner)

"Tim" (Horsemanship horse)