Hunter Seat Equitation Team


Congratulations on a great end to a fantastic season!

Despite having two classes not filled, the team was reserve high point team on Sunday at the home show! The following weekend, four team members went to regionals and had wonderful rides!


The River Falls Equitation Team competes in Hunter Seat Equitation which consists of both Jumping and Flat levels. With the recent change in IHSA regions, River Falls has emerged as an integral part of the region and are leaders in team spirit and riding improvement. Coached by Rachel Walker and Peter Rayne, the Equitation team practices from 6-9pm at the Campus Lab Farm on Wednesdays.


The Equitation Team is a great way to get into riding or to expand your riding experience. One major benefit to being on the UWRF Equestrian team is that you don't need a horse.  The UW-River Falls school horses or "Schoolies" as we fondly refer to them are an integral part of the team. We ride these horses at practice and at home shows and they never fail to impress us with their heart and endless amount of patience. The facilities and tack used at practice and home shows are supplied by UWRF or the host colleges at away horse shows. This makes IHSA an affordable way to show horses and gain experience. At horse shows, you are not allowed any warm up time, you simply get on, adjust your stirrups, and walk into the show ring to do your flat class or jumping round. Riding so many different horses in the show ring and at practice is a great experience and improves one's riding immensely.

IHSA Hunter Seat Shows consist of 8 different riding sections, they include:

1.) Beginner Walk/Trot
2a.) Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter
2b.) Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter
6.) Novice Over Fences (2'-2'3")
3.) Novice Flat
7.) Intermediate Over Fences (2'3"-2'6")
4.) Intermediate Flat
8.) Open Over Fences (2'6"-2'9")
5.) Open Flat

Your previous experience dictates which section you'll be placed in and once a person has achieved 36 points in that section they move up. Points are earned by placing first (7 points), second (5 points), third (4 points), fourth (3 points), fifth (2 points), and sixth (1 point). Once you earn 36 points and "point up", you qualify for regionals at the end of the year. 

IHSA is also one of the only Hunter/Jumper events in which riders compete as a team. On the UW-River Falls Hunter Seat Equitation Team, we strive to create a true team bond and have so much fun competing with our fellow falcons rather than against them.

Below are only a handful of moments from riding and bonding as a team.