About Us

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Block and Bridle Club is one of 92 active Block and Bridle Clubs in the nation. The UWRF Block and Bridle Club is affiliated with the National Block and Bridle organization for college students interested in agriculture. Block and Bridle is an active organization that participates in college, community, regional, and national activities. We look to develop better learning and understanding through opportunity and exploration; this is done through many venues and events. Some of our basic, staple activities include the spring shows which consist of horse, lamb, and beef shows. Members from the club gain valuable learning experiences by traveling to regional and national conventions. To help fund the club’s events, we plan brat sales, chili sales, and host a date auction at the University’s Lab Farm #2 (Mann Valley Farm). The club also organizes events such as the Royal, Ag Olympics, provide seminars, and many social events to help students meet new people and make memories.


A large “B” with a meat cleaver in the upper half and a bridle in the lower half.

This symbol is very significant to club members, as it represents the principles on which our club is built. Character, sincerity and a moral life are asked of members when they are initiated into the club and are depicted in the straight perpendicular of “B”. The distinct curves of the “B” are symbolic of social pleasure, mental energy, and the determination of members.

The meat block represents the material aspects of our life and our profession. The bottom half, the bridle, stands for the behavior of the B&B members, the control over ourselves that we try to maintain, the mannerisms and respect we show toward others, and the manner with which we treat animals.



Insignia for the Block and Bridle Club

Colors: royal purple and navy blue
Flower: lilac