Falcon 5

Earn your Falcon 5 Leadership Certificate!

  • Explore involvement opportunities

  • Thrive in your involvement and develop leadership skills

  • Impact your campus and community



  • Want to explore career options?

  • Need help preparing a resume?

  • Curious about internship opportunities?



  • Need help picking a major?

  • Want to study abroad?

  • Interested in research opportunities with faculty?



  • Looking to meet new people?

  • Looking for things to do on weekends?

  • Interested in learning about your leadership style?


Take Action

  • Seeking out service opportunities?

  • Want to know more about yourself and others?

  • Passionate about a social issue?


Feel Good

  • Feeling stressed?

  • Looking for ways to stay active?

  • Seeking support on your spiritual journey?

Take your first step into the Falcon 5…

just PICK ONE!

PICK ONE jumpstarts you to:

  • Connect to Campus
  • Explore Involvement Opportunities
  • Meet People
  • Begin a Resume
  • Make Friends
  • Have FUN!

Pick your ONE at go.uwrf.edu/PickOne

After you PICK ONE, continue your involvement in the Falcon 5!

What is the Falcon 5?

The Falcon 5 program encourages students to get involved and serves as a guide to continue their involvement at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Start by exploring involvement opportunities, then thrive in your involvement while developing leadership skills, and finally make an impact on campus and in your community. Log onto the online system, FalconSync, to track your involvement and earn incentives along the way. Once you meet all of the requirements, you will receive a UWRF Falcon 5 Leadership Certificate as a recognition of your co-curricular engagement!

Earn your Falcon 5 Leadership Certificate by completing all 3 levels!



Get Started with the Falcon 5




Complete the list below to progress to Level 2.

  1. Pick three level-1 experiences from each Falcon 5 category
  2. Submit your resume on Hire-A-Falcon
  3. Interview a student leader
  4. Attend a Falcon 5 cohort meeting
  5. Complete the Level 1 Reflection Form



Complete the list below to progress to Level 3.

  1. Pick one level-2 experience from three different Falcon 5 categories
  2. Complete StrengthsQuest (if you haven't already)
  3. Attend a diversity event
  4. Interview a campus staff/faculty leader
  5. Attend a Falcon 5 cohort meeting
  6. Complete the Level 2 Reflection Form



Complete the list below to earn your Falcon 5 Leadership Certificate.

  1. Pick one level-3 experience from any Falcon 5 category
  2. Complete a mock interview hosted by Career Services
  3. Record a testimonial of your Falcon 5 experience
  4. Attend a Falcon 5 cohort meeting
  5. Complete the Level 3 Reflection Form