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  • Seeking out service opportunities?

  • Want to know more about yourself and others?

  • Passionate about a social issue?

How Do I Start?

Use FalconSync to track your Falcon 5 progress!

Pick an experience from the Falcon 5 categories.

Participate in the experience.

Show that you participated.

Swipe into the experience or add an involvement entry on FalconSync.

Complete the checklist for each level.

Earn your Falcon 5 Leadership certificate!





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July 2014

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  • Social - Level 1 - Falcon 5
  • Wellness - Level 1 - Falcon 5

Student Thoughts

My involvement in Destination has had the biggest impact on my college career at UWRF. It is so rewarding because I have given back to the places I have traveled while gaining valuable life experiences and lifelong friends. My involvement in Destination has also helped me discover my passion and I am now pursuing a Master's degree in Student Affairs after completing my studies here at River Falls.


"The greatest part about being involved in Student Senate is being able to connect with student and administration and becoming involved in the decisions about what happens on our campus. I have gained leadership and communication skills through this experience and I will always carry those with me. The knowledge and experience I have gained has helped me to grow as a student and as a person."





Complete the list below to progress to Level 2.

  1. Pick three level-1 experiences from each Falcon 5 category
  2. Submit your resume on Hire-A-Falcon
  3. Interview a student leader
  4. Complete the Level 1 Reflection Form
  5. Attend a Falcon 5 cohort meeting



Complete the list below to progress to Level 3.

  1. Pick one level-2 experience from three different Falcon 5 categories
  2. Complete StrengthsQuest (if you haven't already)
  3. Attend a diversity event
  4. Interview a campus staff/faculty leader
  5. Complete the Level 2 Reflection Form
  6. Attend a Falcon 5 cohort meeting



Complete the list below to earn your Falcon 5 Leadership Certificate.

  1. Pick one level-3 experience from any Falcon 5 category
  2. Complete a mock interview hosted by Career Services
  3. Record a testimonial of your Falcon 5 experience
  4. Complete the Level 3 Reflection Form
  5. Attend a Falcon 5 cohort meeting